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Do you get impatient, angry, and critical?

Do you avoid and/or enjoy conflict?

Do your emotions build up and then release strongly?

Do you feel guilt and shame about having lost your temper?

Do you want more love and connection?

Your Guide


Rich Fields


Dr. Fields has over 35 years of experience as a therapist specializing in recovery and relapse prevention. He is the author of the college textbook “Drugs in Perspective”, 10 th edition, McGraw Hill, 2021, and the author and editor of the book “A Year of Living with More Compassion -52 Compassion Quotes and Practices”, 2nd edition, FACES Conferences Publishing, 2016.

“I am the source of most of my suffering, because of the habits of my mind.”


-The Dalai Lama


Resources for Children and Teaching


Max The Mindful Mouse is an engaging and delightful children's story book. This tale of a mouse that understands human speech, is a tender warm hearted story. Max accidentally meets Katie, and ten year old human girl. Together they create a mindful community of mice and humans at the Brooklyn Mindfulness Center in Brooklyn, NY.